Working with business leaders to drive innovation that supports both profitable growth and the transition to a just and sustainable world.

Companies, nonprofits and governments must work together to address the most pressing issues of our time. In keynotes and presentations, I share case studies and actionable insights on ushering in a sustainable, socially responsible capitalism.

  • Building a Sustainable Organization
  • How Businesses Can Take the Lead in Solving World Problems
  • Coaxing Organizations to Do New Things

Speech Topics

Reimagining Capitalism

The emergence of capitalism as the primary system for organizing economies and generating prosperity has taken root across the globe. But can it be a force for tackling the biggest challenges our burgeoning population faces, namely the threats posed by global climate change and finite resources on the planet? Not only does capitalism have a role to play, but it is uniquely qualified to harness the enormous intellectual, technological, financial and motivational resources that humankind can bring to bear on these challenges. However, the framework of private enterprise, along with enlightened state and intergovernmental factors, require a fundamental re-imagination. This presentation illuminates how this important debate is unfolding and its impact on the future of sustainable business.

Sustainability as a Fulcrum for Corporate Innovation

Driving innovation for organic growth is always challenging for companies. But it is especially hard when new markets often look less profitable than existing ones and all organizations become increasingly comfortable with the status quo. Yet, leading companies are finding that the immense challenges posed by climate change and the need to use resources more efficiently provide the essential stimulus to focus and act in new ways. This presentation explains how business’ commitment to solving “big problems” can unlock not only tremendous enthusiasm amongst employees, but also exactly the kind of creative thinking and commitment to work across organizational boundaries that is at the root of most significant innovation. Be inspired by those that are getting it right—like Unilever—and catapult yours in a new direction.

Coaxing Organizations to Do New Things

Fascinated by the difficulties that large, well-established companies encounter as they attempt to leverage technological innovation to reinvent themselves? In many industries, incumbents have seen new entrants come in, either entrepreneurial firms or established players from other industries, and yet they cannot respond effectively to these disruptors. This presentation digs deep to uncover why it is so hard, examining the strategic, organizational and behavioral shifts that can help managers create the right conditions for discontinuous change to occur.