Research & Cases

Papers and cases to support you in reimaging capitalism.

As a professor at Harvard Business School and formerly MIT’s Sloan School of Management, my work as an academic researcher offers you a number of ways in which to dive more deeply into the problem of organizational and strategic change, the question of exactly why purpose driven firms are likely to be more productive and more creative than conventional firms and some compelling examples of firms leading the charge to reimagine capitalism.

Recent Papers

Why is Change so Hard and What Can Be Done?

Making the Numbers?

What is Organizational Purpose? And Why Does Purpose Drive Performance?

Why do Firms Have Purpose?

What Do Managers Do?

What Will It Take to Reimagine Capitalism?

Useful Cases

  • “Aetna & the Transformation of Health Care.” Jointly with Russ Eisenstat and Matthew Preble, February 2018.
  • “Gotong Royong: Toward Sustainable Palm Oil.” Jointly with Hann-Shuin Yew & Monica Baraldi, March 2016 (Revision Date: June 6, 2016).
  • “Greening Walmart: Progress and Controversy.” Jointly with James Weber, February 2016.
  • “Omar Selim: Building a Values Based Asset Management Firm.” Jointly with George Serafeim and Shannon Gombos, January 2015, HBS No 115-021.
  • “Mondragon: A Model for the World?.” Jointly with Michael Norris, March 2014, HBS No 314-061.
  • Henry Schein: Doing Well by Doing Good.” Jointly with Rafaella Sadun, Aldo Sesia and Russell Eisesnstat, February 2014, HBS Case No: 714-450.
  • “Xylem: Let’s Solve Water.” Jointly with James Weber, September 2013, HBS Case No: 313-082.
  • Royal DSM: Fighting Hidden Hunger.” Jointly with Noah Fisher and Mary Shelman, May 2013, HBS Case no 313-085.
  • Triodos Bank – Conscious Money in Action.” Jointly with Kate Isaacs and Katrin Kaeufer, June 2013, HBS Case No 313-109.
  • Sustainable Tea at Unilever.” Jointly with Frederik Peter Nellemann, December 2011, Harvard Business School Case 712-438.